Old Man Needs Hearing Aid But Cannot Get Government Subsidy!

Why does a 73 year old man have to worry about his hospital bills even though he is a Pioneer Generation? The old man went to SGH because he suffers from hearing loss. He found out that he needs a hearing aid but it costs $3000.

As a retiree, he does not have income and it is too expensive for him. He also has to fork out more money to replace it every few years.

He was upset to find that the usual public subsidy and Pioneer Generation subsidy are not available for hearing aids. It is normal for older people to suffer from hearing loss. So why are these treatments not made affordable for them? Why are government subsidies not applicable in this case?

If the stated policy of the government is to make healthcare affordable for all Singaporeans and our Pioneer Generation, shouldn’t the public and PG subsidies be made applicable for hearing aids when doctors at public healthcare institutions have certified that seniors need them?

Is our healthcare as affordable as the government make it out to be?