exhausted healthcare worker

Gan Kim Yong, You are Out of Touch. Healthcare Workers are not ‘Coping Well’!

Another healthcare worker spoke up against Minister Gan Kim Yong. He claimed that hospitals are “coping well” with Covid-19 when that is not the case.

In reality, the healthcare worker said “it is on a slow road to collapse”. Many nurses left because the work is too demanding. Those who remain cannot cope and are struggling everyday.

The nurse to patient ratio has increased from 1:6 to 1:12 or more. They are being called back from off days because more staff are getting Covid. Some of them have not taken leave in a year. And now, their off days and rest days are being further restricted by management.

Even doctors have quit. Many junior doctors are around but they lack experience and struggle with complex cases. In the end, it is the patients who suffer most.

How does Gan Kim Yong consider this as “coping well”? Why can’t he be honest with Singaporeans?

Respectfully sir, your comments are out of touch with the reality on the ground. Our working conditions have worsened significantly and yet there has been no change to our remuneration or increase in practical support. And yet we are expected to tolerate endless leave restrictions while the rest of Singapore flies around the world for their vacations? I think not.

All we are asking for is frank honesty and support. It is the least we deserve for the literal blood, sweat and tears that we have given in the service of our nation.

The government must come clean and deal with the problem. As educated people who claim to pursue integrity and transparency, what is stopping them from baring the truth?