Kenneth Jayeretnam: We Have The Right To Question Our Government!

By LM — Kenneth Jayeretnam made a Facebook post criticizing Singaporeans’ attitude towards PAP and its policies. He believes that as citizens, we have the right to question our government and its officials. We have the right to demand transparency, honesty, and accountability from those in power. Unfortunately, in Singapore, we seem to be too complacent and accepting of whatever the government tells us.

His criticism comes from recent news where Georgians took to the streets to protest against their pro-Russian government’s attempt to introduce a repressive law. The law would have required NGOs and media receiving more than 20% foreign funding to register as “foreign agents” and be subject to restrictions. The proposed law is seen as an attempt to limit freedom of expression.

The Georgians refused to put up with this and demanded that their government listen to their voices. They refused to be silenced and stood up for their rights. In the end, their protests were successful, and the government withdrew the proposed law.

In Singapore, we are too quiescent and accepting of the government’s actions.

We allow them to pass laws restricting our freedoms, limiting our choices, and enhancing their power. We allow the leaders, their spouses, and relatives to monopolize the top jobs and pay themselves billions while lying to us about the resources available.

The government knows that we are reluctant to question their orders and will simply accept whatever they tell us. This is when the exploitation starts. This is when they can get away with whatever they want, knowing that we won’t bother to ask.

“Singaporeans need to be less genteel and civilised and more like Georgians in demanding the truth from their Government and refusing to put up with repressive laws designed to entrench the PAP in power. and keep their leaders, spouses and relatives monopolising the top jobs and paying themselves billions while lying to the people about the resources available.”

Kenneth Jeyeratnam