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The Biggest Issue With Our Government Is Their Arrogance!

By Zen — Everything else is just a result of that. The bad policies, their lack of knowledge, all these can be solved if the government is not arrogant. They need to know that they are not perfect, and be willing to ask for help!

They don’t take feedback objectively.

Arrogance means they are not willing to listen to what other people have to say, they think they are the best and that their decisions are correct. When they say they accept feedback, they are looking for feedback that already agrees with what they have to say.

When they receive feedback that goes against their decisions, they see it as an attack on them. They scoff and start acting condescending. This kind of arrogance is nothing but toxic. 

Grace Fu scoffs at Jamus Lim’s question

Not their fault that they are too busy or too rich to understand. But it is their fault for not taking feedback. Feedback is people’s sentiments to help you run the country. It is not an attack but an aid for you to help you find out what is really happening on the ground!

They have God complex

The incumbent think that they are infallible and omniscient. They refuse to ask for help from experts (for example, they didn’t bother to ask Paul Tambyah for help during COVID, the infections disease expert). Such important situations they also want the monopoly.  

Plain experience in only running the country doesn’t make you a good leader who knows how to make the best decisions. You need to be wise enough to look for people that can help you and be brave to ask for help. 

Public servants are hired to serve the public and not the other way around. 

A good politician knows how to serve their people and not tell the people to serve them. When you are so arrogant and make people your servants, what you end up with is bad policies. PAP needs to wake up!