Lawrence Wong, Here Are Some Ideas On How To Cut Our Spending

There has been a message going around from a Singaporean in response to Lawrence Wong allegedly complaining that people are asking for more but not suggesting on how to cut back on spending.

Here it is.

Dear Friends n Fellow Singaporeans,

Lawrence Wong our 4G PM Elect said in Parliament that all he hears are the People are asking for more and more but no one has suggested any good ideas on cutting back or how to reduce spending.

No problem Mr. Wong here is a list of things that you can cut back on:

1. *Ministerial salaries*. It is embarrassing to have the highest paid PM in the world for an island of 720 sq m.

2. *Abolish the expensive blood-sucking Mayors* scheme that is effete n self serving

3. *Cut the $9m paid to the President* by at least half. A figure puppet should not be paid so much.

4. *Cut back spending for the People’s Association* now that COVID-19 is practically over. $1 billion every year for the past 5 years is a truckload of tax payers’ money.

5. *Suspend funding for SPH Media* until it has shown results on editorial independence. Dead wood editors should be let go.

6. *Stop raising transport fares* every year when the SMRT is swimming in profit

7. *Remove spending on Government Parliamentary Committees* which serve no purpose as an opposition in Parliament. We already have a robust 10 member WP/PSP check on the murky and non-transparent PAP government

8. *Cut unnecessary political appointees* such as Ministers of State, Senior Ministers of State, parliamentary Secretaries, Senior Parliamentary Secretaries etc.

9. *Trim the grassroots organizations* – RCs, CCs, CCCs, etc – and unify them as one to cut cost and bureaucracy.

10. *Cut back on MINDEF spending.* We are seeing bigger military budgets for MINDEF that hit $17b in 2023. Why spend so much when there aren’t any immediate national security issues ?

11. *Trim the number of paper generals and admirals in the army navy n air force.*

12.*Ex-generals and ministers should no longer be made directors in GLCs.*

13. *Trim the number of PAP MPs most of whom are part-timers.* The It is a joke to have 93 MPs for a tiny island many of whom are caught napping in the HOUSE. Problem is they think the HOUSE is their sleeping chamber

14. *Ban spending on the design of rubbish dumps* that cost a million dollars.

15. *Cut top civil servants n Stat Boards pay* by at least half because many of them are mere retirees from the SAF

16. *Cut the number of Ministers parked in the PMO* like Indranee Rajah

17. *Cut those Ministers in Parliament* who say:

If you want a short answer it is: I don’t know …I don’t know…

U know who I am referring to?

18. *Cut down the number of chairmanships n directorships* that a crony can hold

19. *Cut down the number of positions that husbands n wives can hold that lead to possible conflict of interest*

20. *If a Minister cannot speak in Parliament because of number 19 above he should recuse himself.*

Silence is not golden. Silence means conspiracy and collusion

21. *Cut down the import of millionaires and billionaires* who drive up the prices of COE, cars, bikes, condos rentals n Cost of Living

22. *Cut down verbiage and give honest answers in Parliament.*

23.*Rein in the arrogance of the Speaker in Parliament* and let him not interrupt or restrain the honest opposition members from speaking their minds

That is all Lawrence, thank you


What do you think of the above ideas?