My British Colleague Got Slapped by a Makcik and Reported me for it

A redditor asked for advice after pulling a prank on his colleague. He said his British colleague got “slapped by a macik” thanks to him.

“We were at the hawker center near our building, and he was complaining that the tea in SG is not as good as that in Britain, so I asked him if he has tried Teh Tarik, he said yes and it’s not as good.

So I told him to order an extra strong tea called ‘Teh Teh Tarik’, which he did and the drink stall aunty slapped him.”

Teh teh tarik sounds like tetek tarik, which literally means breast pulled.

The redditor claimed it was a joke but his colleague did not find it funny. He is going to report the incident to HR although it happened outside their office.

It smells like a troll post but to give him the benefit of the doubt, what should he do?