NDP Is A Waste Of Money!

By LM — As 9th August is approaching, Singapore gears up for its highly anticipated National Day Parade (NDP), a celebration of unity and patriotism. The parade is a showcase of Singapore’s military might and cultural diversity, and it is attended by hundreds of thousands of people. However, organizing such a grand event comes at a significant price. In 2022, the cost of the NDP was estimated to be $13.1 million.

There are a number of reasons why the NDP is so expensive. The parade involves a large number of participants, including military personnel, civil servants, and members of the public. The parade also requires a significant amount of infrastructure, such as stages, sound systems, and fireworks.

We need to question whether NDP still serves its purpose.

Who really feels proud of Singapore today? Many Singaporeans cannot deny that Lee Kuan Yew did a good job bringing Singapore progress. However, the current group of leaders are at best stagnant. Many middle-to-low income Singaporeans are feeling the burden of having too many rich people here, how do you expect them to be proud of Singapore just by throwing money at just an extravagant display?

For those who are already proud of Singapore, one day doesn’t make any difference. They won’t care whether you celebrate NDP or not, they will still be proud.

It is crucial to reflect on whether the considerable funds allocated to this annual event can be better spent on initiatives that directly benefit the nation. There are many better ways to spend the money – housing, healthcare, and social welfare. In a time where people can feel that resources are limited, we need to channel our resources for the people.