Hello Task Force, Our Lives Are Not Just Numbers. Do Something!

The Covid-19 death toll in Singapore has climbed to 133 and many who lost their lives are senior citizens.

More and more old people are getting infected but the task force is not doing anything about it. They themselves expected 3000-5000 daily infections and they know that our elderly are most vulnerable yet they failed to plan for it. Now the older generation has to pay the price for their incompetency.

This is not the way to treat the elderly! Many of them supported the PAP for a long time and made them who they are today. But what did they get in return? Nothing. They are left to defend themselves in a pandemic while cases continue multiplying.

Even now, when there are so many infections everyday, the task force is pushing forward to reopen our economy. Why are they doing this at the expense of our lives? Do they really care for us or are we nothing but numbers and data?

The task force failed to handle the crisis. Worst of all, it failed everybody. At the rate they are failing, who knows how many more people will be infected thanks to their incompetency? We should never have placed our lives in their hands. What did we do to deserve this?