Ivan Lim

Opinion: Ivan Lim Better Not Run In The Next GE

By LM – In the fast-paced world of politics, reputation can make or break a candidate’s prospects. Recently, Ivan Lim has been spotted at PAP’s various outreach in Jurong. Especially since Tharman left his role, it leaves many Singaporeans to wonder if PAP will be putting him up for the next GE.

While people do deserve a second chance, leopards also rarely change their spots. This is a man with negative allegations throughout his life and should not be allowed to run again!

Negative Allegations Throughout His Life

If you don’t remember, Ivan Lim was a PAP candidate for Jurong GRC until various allegations against him appeared. From his army days to his workplace interactions, and even public encounters, a recurring pattern of negativity emerges.

Ivan was left with no choice but to withdraw from his candidacy at that time. However, Jurong GRC now has an empty seat because Tharman left PAP to run for presidency. However, PAP should really NOT put Ivan Lim in the limelight again.

PAP already has enough bad news, Singaporeans don’t need another.

July 2023 gave us many revelations of unsavory elements within PAP’s ranks. If PAP really ends up fielding Ivan Lim, it sends a message to Singaporeans that they no longer are able to get good people. They have to resort to people even with a bad public image.

Ivan Lim’s previous associations and behaviors have already taken a toll on his credibility. While redemption is possible, it is crucial to recognize that trust once eroded is not easily regained. The electorate deserves candidates who command respect, not those who elicit skepticism due to their past actions.


While individuals can transform and learn from their past, the role of a political leader demands a higher level of scrutiny. PAP really needs to stop picking peas from the same pod. Ivan Lim’s previous allegations, the associations he keeps, and the priorities he appears to demonstrate raise valid concerns about his suitability for re-running in the next election. Singaporean politics deserves leaders who stand as beacons of integrity, commitment, and service to the nation’s best interests. It is incumbent upon the political parties to field candidates who reflect these qualities, ensuring a brighter future for Singapore.