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Foreigner Wants To Gather Singaporeans For A Protest

A Bosnian is trying to gather Singaporeans for a “peaceful protest” against corporal punishment in Singapore this Sunday (3 Dec 2023) at Hong Lim Park.

He is extremely passionate about this cause, and has started a Twitter, a Telegram, and attempted to start a sub-reddit (r/Free_Singapore [banned by Reddit] and r/freesingaporeans) to gather like-minded Singaporeans.

He also shared the links to Facebook to reach Singaporeans.

Not easy to gather Singaporeans because he is based in Bosnia.

Despite starting multiple social media profiles to reach out to all walks of Singaporeans, his profiles have minimal reach. Maybe this is because he is still in Bosnia physically.

He also found it difficult to get photos and videos about corporal punishment in Singapore. He was only able to find videos about corporal punishment in Malaysia and other countries for now.

He’s a fan of Jolovan Wham and the Transformative Justice Collective

He has been retweeting articles about Singaporean activist Jolovan Wham. The latter was charged several times for carrying out protests. From the looks of it, he thinks Wham was unfairly treated by the law for speaking up against death penalty.

He also responded to a post by Transformative Justice Collective, a group of activists in Singapore who are against death penalty. He told them to join him in fighting against capital punishment. A few TJC members such as Kirsten Han and Kokila Annamalai are prominent both locally and internationally for bravely voicing out on behalf of death row inmates.

His passion would be a good addition to the anti-death penalty movement in Singapore.

It is difficult for him to be involved in a protest as he is a foreigner and is not even in Singapore. If he conveys his intention to Jolovan Wham and TJC, they will be able to further his cause. More Singaporeans will be able to join his fight.

The fact that our government is still keeping the death penalty is an embarrassment for a country that claims to be world class. Even our neighbouring country Malaysia has repealed the mandatory death penalty. Is this the progress we have been boasting of?