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Indian Expat From PwC Gives “Advice to People on How Bad Singapore is Overall”

Indian Expat working at PWC Singapore Digvijay Pandey (@itsanopenaccountedit: he changed his Instagram to @overseasdesiinsg) has been using his Instagram to publish videos criticizing Singapore. He made a series called “de-influencing Singapore” complaining about how everything is too expensive. He also tells his viewers that “Singapore is boring”, “Reasons why you shouldn’t waste money visiting Singapore or it’s tourist spots” and “giving advice to people on how bad Singapore is overall”.

Who is Digvijay Pandey?

Digvijay Pandey is 28 years old and he is an Indian Hindu based in Singapore. He is currently a Senior Consultant at PwC South East Asia Consulting, and he moved here in June 2022. Before this, he was based in India (Gurugram, Haryana) and worked for Bain & Company and Deloitte. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from St Xavier’s College in India, in 2018.

From his since-deleted Linkedin

We must not let such foreigners come in to sow discord in our society!

Instead of trying to fit in and appreciate Singapore, he repeatedly uses his race, while complaining that other people are racist. He repeatedly highlights that he “just want(s) my(his) Indian brothers to excel at everything they do”. Only selectively wanting Indians to do well, isn’t that racist in itself?

Moreover, he came here and started an Instagram series just to tell everyone how bad Singapore is. Is this the kind of foreign talent we want?


Why is Digvijay Pandey (IG: itsanopenaccount) getting viral? Is it wrong to criticize Singapore?

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