Raeesah Khan Saga – PAP Hits New Low And Showed Us It Lost Its Way

Raeesah Khan of the Workers’ Party is under police investigation for promoting enmity between different religions and races in Singapore. Her social media posts, which were from years ago, alleged that law enforcement authorities discriminated against minorities and treated the majority Chinese differently.

She has apologised and admitted that she was insensitive.

What is interesting, however, is the timing of the police reports. They could have taken action any time after 2018 but they had to do it now, when everyone is in the heat of the General Election.

The PAP jumped at the chance to question the WP and Pritam Singh about their stand on the issue and their choice of candidate. Something smells. It was as if someone is afraid of competition.

Of course, Singaporeans saw through the PAP’s low trick. Many started petitions and banded together to show solidarity for Raeesah Khan. If anything, the support for the WP grew stronger.

PAP wanted to discredit the opposition but ended up dragging themselves in the mud. For a party that has been ruling over Singapore for decades, it is shocking that they were the only ones who did not realise they were making themselves look stupid. How ignorant, arrogant and naive.

They can have 3G, 4G, 5G but they will never be like the PAP of the past if they continue with these petty tricks. Today, they showed us what is gutter politics and why we should not entrust our votes to them. They let ah gong down. Worst of all, they let Singaporeans down.