Sengkang GRC – Everything Right About WP, Everything Wrong About PAP

Sengkang has fallen. The WP won Sengkang GRC with 52.13% of the votes as PAP scraped through with 47.87%. It was a very poor result for the PAP, who lost to relatively new faces. How did all of this happen?

Right messaging, right audience

WP identified with their residents. It recognised that Sengkang GRC consists of a younger demographic and tailor-made their messaging to suit them.

It helped that they are a team of young parents and could understand what residents were going through. They talked to people about genuine concerns such as having smaller classes in kindergartens and a better funding for smaller schools. Things like these make WP more relatable, as if they were in the same shoes.

On the contrary, one only has to look at the PAP team poster to know that they cannot hold a candle to WP in terms of relating to the people.

Better use of social media

As a young team, WP knew how to use social media to their advantage. Viewership for their online shows were significantly higher than the PAP’s. They were more interesting to watch as their candidates were more eloquent and candid as compared to the rigid PAP.

Everything looked natural, even the photos of them sweating from carrying out house visits. If the PAP posted the same thing, they would be mocked for their wayang.

PAP and Raeesah Khan

In a way, the PAP helped to make WP stronger. It tried to attack them with a low blow only for it to backfire and punch themselves in the face. Singaporeans saw through their dirty tricks, chose to trust the opposition instead, and did not look back.

The WP has won Sengkang GRC and rightly so. They will undoubtedly give their all to protect what they fought so hard for.

Ng Chee Meng, Lam Pin Min, Amrin Amin and Raymond Lye? They tried their best but they are history. It is time for He Ting Ru, Jamus Lim, Raeesah Khan and Louis Chua to make Sengkang GRC feel at home and warm the cockles of their hearts.