It was a “Misunderstanding”, Said Amy Khor. Hawkers will not Check Vaccination Status

Amy Khor said there was a misunderstanding and that hawkers do not have to check the vaccination status of diners. She clarified that Safe Distancing Enforcement Officers will be the ones doing that. To be clear, these are not Safe Distancing Ambassadors.

She thinks there was “some misunderstanding and confusion judging from what has been reported in the press and social media”. She made it sound like all of us misinterpreted it when it was actually because the task force and Grace Fu were unclear in explaining the new measures.

Even CNA misunderstood it. Or else, why did it publish this article?

Both CNA and ST edited their articles more than a day later to say that enforcement officers will be the ones doing vaccination checks. They will carry it out “selectively”. This means they will go around to ask random diners for their vaccination status – like a spot check.

Meanwhile, hawkers and coffee shop stallholders have to remind unvaccinated diners to get vaccinated and avoid dining in. If we understand it correctly, it is not that stallholders have to do the job of enforcement officers, but more like the job of Safe Distancing Ambassadors. Right?