Will MOH Tighten COVID Measures In The Coming Week?

By Chris — Just when we thought we are in the clear, the number of COVID cases in Singapore has spiked once again. There were 11,732 cases reported yesterday (11 Oct 2022), double the day before. It has been reported that this is driven by the XBB variant, a sub-variant of the Omicron.

MOH just announced the lifting of COVID restrictions for non-vaccinated individuals.

However, Ong Ye Kung also said that they will be ready to reinstate these measures when necessary to lower infection rates and protect the unvaccinated. However, is it really necessary?

Most of the unvaccinated individuals today are unvaccinated by choice. They made the decision knowing the risks, so why do we have to burden the entire country for them? If they get COVID, and if it’s serious, that is the price they have to pay for their decision!

I never understood the need to protect them in the first place.

Hopefully masks rules will be lifted by the end of November.

Let’s not go back and forth with the restrictions again. They are confusing, and as the world opens up they have become pointless.