Muslim Nurses Should Be Allowed To Cover Their Forearms If They Want

On Tuesday (Oct 26), MUIS issued a fatwa saying that Muslim healthcare workers who choose to wear the tudung will still have to keep their forearms free from clothing. They call this the “bare below the elbows” (BBE) policy.

Just as we thought they were making a step forward by allowing nurses to decide whether they wish to wear the tudung, they have to remind us that such draconian rules still exists.

Moreover, they use the excuse that it is to reduce the risk of infection. One reader shared with us that their hospital plans to customize a jacket for them to use on top of their uniforms. This is ridiculous! If reducing the risk of infection is a real reason, how are the sleeves from jackets any different?

Also, Singapore’s weather is not fit for jackets! Being a nurse is a very tiring job. Some of these nurses are even working in non-air conditioned wards, how can they be expected to wear jackets!?! Are they trying to punish the Muslim nurses?

We are already in the 21st century, it’s about time we do away with such rules and be more flexible. The nurses should be able to decide for themselves whether they need to cover their forearms or not.