Family of Bicycle Uncle: We are Financially Stable. Please Don’t get the Wrong Idea!

Remember the 83 year old uncle who repairs bicycles at void decks? Mothership claimed that he did it to pay for his kidney dialysis when in reality, he does not need financial help. The grandson clarified that their family is financially stable and has no problem paying the medical bills. He understands people got “the wrong idea” from the media but thanked everyone for their concern.

While uncle needs to go through kidney dialysis, his fees are covered by his insurance and the leftover is paid for by his family members.

We want to make it clear that we do not need any financial help of any sorts.

As some of us are financial consultants, we have done what is necessary to ensure a good quality of life for him in his old age.

The grandson asked for people to respect his grandfather’s wishes to be self-sufficient. He wants to work for himself and earn his own money. He even refuses to take allowance from his family as he thinks he is capable of taking care of himself.

He actually does not need to work for his living expenses, and if you bring your business to him, with his nature, he will want to do a good job.

By intentionally supporting him, he is actually going to end up working longer hours and exhaust himself unnecessarily. We sincerely ask that you refrain from doing so.

As such, our family would like to thank all of you for your concern and ask that you stop sharing the post and let life return to normal for our grandfather!