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Police Reveals How Backward They Are

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) say they needed 3mths and “significant resources” to comb through 1400 cases in their attempt to find Raeesah Khan’s case. Can someone tell them about computers?

Earlier last weekend, the Committee of Privileges (COP) spent 9 hours interrogating Pritam Singh. During the hearing, Edwin Tong complained that the lie caused the police to waste time “chasing their tails” for three months. Pritam then questioned how true this is.

“I am not sure what work the police actually did. I remember on the 3rd of August when Mr Desmond Tan stood up, MOS Desmond Tan stood up, he said the police have no case of this nature.”

Pritam Singh

SPF responds to Pritam Singh

In response, SPF released a statement reporting that they had to comb through 1400 cases from 2018 to 2021 after Raeesah Khan lied in parliament.

“A substantial amount of resources was dedicated to this, because it was a statement made by an MP in Parliament, and was taken seriously and at face value…

Our officers also considered the possibility that Ms Khan had accompanied a victim, without entering a Police station. As such, we also combed through more than 1,400 sexual assault and related cases from 2018 to 2021.”

SPF statement

They also said that they had to do two rounds of checks, and that they “dedicated significant resources to investigate”.

Did it really need 3 months?

Seriously, if all their cases were recorded, it shouldn’t have to take 3 months. One netizen commented that it can be done in less than one day.

Did the police just reveal how backwards they are? They had to manually comb through each case and use “significant resources” to do so? Comment your thoughts below.