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PAP Is Milking Raeesah Khan’s Lie To Fix The Opposition!

Just over the weekend, the Committee of Privileges (COP) spent 9 hours and 6 hours interrogating Pritam Singh and Faisal Manap respectively about Raeesah Khan’s lie. Yet, the 15 hours spent did not teach us anything new.

Basically, Raeesah Khan didn’t understand what it meant by “taking ownership” when Pritam told her to do so. She likely also lied about WP leaders told her to take things to the grave. Pritam was basically giving her space to fix her own issues. He hoped that she would talk to her parents about her sexual assault experience and also see a doctor about her alleged dissociative disorder. He expected her to come clean once she was done. Unfortunately, she decided to tell another lie on top of it.

The investigation should have been about what happened, not about what the COP thinks the WP should have done!

Even Bertha Henson picked it out that Edwin Tong’s line of questioning is uncalled for. In a Facebook post, she pointed out that Edwin kept trying to get the WP to admit that they told Raeesah to lie. He also kept trying to talk about what he thinks the WP should have done.

Exactly! This is an investigation! Shouldn’t he be more focused on what has happened instead of continuing to ask about what the WP should have done?

They are obviously trying to fix the opposition

They wasted so much resources over a harmless lie. The lie was that Raeesah brought a victim to the police (which did not happen). The main focus, about how the police doesn’t know how to properly handle victims of sexual assault is totally overlooked.

Pritam rightfully pointed out that her lie doesn’t actually affect the police’s reputation.

The Police are not some broken-back organization. They are fully aware that in the course of investigations, I believe, I solemnly and sincerely believe, if you speak to any senior police officers who work with assault, he or she will tell you that in the course of investigations there can be a number of situations where certain questions are put to a witness which are uncomfortable for that person.

Pritam Singh, Leader of the Opposition

Sexual assault victims have long been talking about how they don’t feel safe going to the police for help because they don’t want to relive their trauma. They are also afraid of being victimized when asked what they were wearing/where they were going.

Those who trust the police to help them will still go to the police anyway. Whatever Raeesah Khan said will not change public perception of the police.

That was when Edwin Tong started to change his words to talk about how the lie affected the police because their “time was wasted chasing their tails”. Not about the police’s reputation. Can you please make up your mind what you’re faulting the lie for?

The PAP is getting desperate to fix their strongest opposition

The way they interrogated Pritam Singh and Faisal Manap is as if they were investigating criminals. Why did they even need 15 hours to talk to them? They also keep twisting their words! They must have been hoping that the two WP leaders would get tired and accidentally say the wrong things!

Too bad for the whites, but the truth is that Raeesah Khan is a pathological liar (or a PAP mole), and the WP leaders never told her to lie. Pritam Singh is also an experienced lawyer who knows the sly moves that the COP was trying to pull. The line of questioning was over the top and filled with so many speculations and it is getting ridiculous!