Hospital Stopped Son from Seeing his 93 year old Unvaccinated Father

A man was not allowed to visit his 93 year old father in hospital. The father was admitted to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital after falling ill last week. He is unvaccinated due to his old age and underlying medical conditions.

The hospital did not let the son in. It said that under MOH’s regulations, the father cannot have any visitors because he is unvaccinated. This is even though the son is vaccinated and has been living with his father in the same household for 7 years.

Going by their logic, the father, who is in a general ward, should not be exposed to other vaccinated patients and their visitors, but that is not the case. So why is it that his son cannot visit him?

Even the healthcare professionals who attend to him might pose a risk to him as they are constantly in close contact with him.

Good patient care should embrace the love, emotional comfort and warmth that only the family can provide to the patient, especially one on his last lap.

The son only wants to see his father one last time, but the rules are so flawed he may never get the chance. Shouldn’t the hospital or MOH do something about it? Is that too much to ask?