29 Year Old Fitness Trainer Escaped Death, had 80% Blocked Artery

Ten days after Joshua Woo celebrated his 29th birthday, he got a stent in his heart. He was shocked as he felt healthy as always. He is so young. There was no discomfort; nothing was amiss.

He found out he had Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) after going for a regular health check-up. Even the doctors did not know how he got it.

During the procedure, the doctors discovered that my LAD artery was actually 80% blocked – the one time you don’t want to hear your score is an ‘A1’.

CAD is a major killer and one of the most common diseases in Singapore.

A fitness trainer who kept to a healthy lifestyle

Woo was a fitness trainer who exercised 5 times a week, did not smoke or have a family history of CAD. His lifestyle and eating habits are healthier than you and me.

I felt no chest pain, no discomfort – nothing. I don’t drink often or a lot. I don’t smoke. I don’t have family history. My blood sugar and blood pressure are fine. My body fat is fine. I work out 5x a week. I don’t think I eat unhealthily. And yet, it happened to me.

Sharing his story to spread awareness

Today, Woo counts his blessings. The incident happened last year and he has since gone back to exercising regularly. He hopes that by sharing his experience, he can remind others to take note of their health and their loved ones regardless of their age.

Don’t take anything (especially your health) for granted.

Don’t be complacent. I always thought these sort of things would never happen to me… until it did.

Go for regular health check ups, and remind your loved ones and those around you to go for theirs too.

Stay safe and take care.