Don’t Hire Singaporeans who want to WFH. Hire Foreigners Instead

Ex-NMP Calvin Cheng shared his thoughts on a recent study about Singaporeans’ preferences for remote working. Based on a survey by Randstad, 2 in 5 Singaporeans do not want a job that does not allow them to work from home. They prefer flexible hours and location.

Responding to the news, Cheng said there is no reason why employers should continue hiring Singaporeans. He thinks Singaporeans are getting more demanding, lazy and self-entitled.

He suggested for companies to recruit foreigners instead of Singaporeans since the work can be done remotely. He thinks it is a good deal as they are cheaper and more hardworking than us.

“I highly recommend that instead of hiring these Singaporeans who demand flexible, remote working, employers here should hire foreigners based overseas instead… companies can recruit globally, and at better prices. Find a talented Eastern European, or Indian, Filipino etc. They will work harder and at lower wages.

So if Singaporeans don’t want to turn up physically to work, no need to hire them. Hire foreigners based overseas. Better and cheaper.”

Do you share the same view? Do foreign talents deserve our jobs more?