Workers' Party Chief Pritam Singh

Is PAP Giving Pritam Singh A Chance? MPs Disqualified Only If Fined $10,000

From now on, MPs will only lose their seats if they are fined $10,000 or more. Previously, the threshold was at $2,000.

The Election Department said they raised the amount to account for inflation over the years. Do you believe it? Is there more than meets the eye?

Early this year, WP’s Pritam Singh was referred to the public prosecutor for further investigations on the Raeesah Khan saga. Many people speculated that he may lose his MP title as he only had to be fined $2,000 to be disqualified. But a few months later, Parliament raised the fine quantum.

Why are they suddenly making changes to something they have not reviewed since independence? Are they afraid of the consequences of making Pritam Singh lose his seat? If they disqualify him, PAP will look bad and face a major pushback. Are they giving him a chance so that they can be spared from public backlash?

That said, PAP is still confident about themselves. In one of his responses, Chan Chun Sing said: “Ultimately, our voters will decide at the ballot box the fitness of the person seeking to represent them in Parliament”. Will you see PAP favourably if Pritam Singh gets to retain his seat? Do you think they are fit to represent our interests?