HDB flood

HDB Flat Floods Repeatedly Due To Rainwater Pipe Fault, Town Council Useless

HDB flats are supposed to be managed by the HDB or Town Council. In fact, they tell you to report any maintenance issue to the OneService app. One family has reported flooding in their apartment caused by a rain water pipe many times. Yet the flooding keeps happening and the problem has not been fixed.

HDB floods for the third time, town council doesn’t give any useful solutions

In a TikTok video, Rennes (@kittylovejellybean) shares that her apartment has flooded for the third time. First time, she called the town council for help, but “they didn’t do shit”.

Second time (29 Mar 2022), Rennes’ dad told her to open up the pipe to let the rainwater out. When the town council finally came, all they did was drill two small holes into the lid covering the pipe. The two small holes is not enough to prevent clogging, especially in the event of a heavy rain.

This time (14 Aug 2022), when it flooded again, Rennes decided to solve the problem on her own first. She showed in the TikTok video that she manually removed the PVC cover of the pipe to let the clogged water flow out.

In a second video, she shared that she knew about where to locate the clog because this is not the first time it has happened.

Resident had to do town council’s job!

From her video, this is likely an older HDB flat, wherein there is only one rainwater pipe that should allow the water to flow down to the drainage system. Newer flats have an additional pipe (the ventilation pipe) which should mitigate clogging.

While there is an explanation for why it happened, town council should be the one looking into the issue. Why does a resident have to fix clogged rainwater pipes in the building when that is supposed to be the Town Council’s job?