Starting Salary

Young Graduate Offered $3k Starting Salary, How To Survive?

An anonymous graduate wrote in to SGWhispers to share that they have been offered $3k for an office executive job. This means a $2.4k take home pay after deducting CPF. The contributor asked if it is reasonable for them to ask for a higher starting salary.

Unfortunately, this starting salary is not considered low.

Many commenters responded by saying that the salary is decent, and that the author should be more realistic.

The author’s questions are valid!

Even if this is the average starting salary of a graduate, instead of asking the author to be more realistic, we should start reflecting on how our society treats our people. A fresh graduate with a take-home salary of $2400 will not be able to raise a family.

The monthly cost of living in Singapore is roughly S$1100-1400 per person excluding rent. If the graduate is the sole breadwinner with a family to feed, $2400 is definitely insufficient.

This salary is also unlikely to rise that quickly. Together with inflation, a $2400 take home pay will soon be unlivable!

Instead of slamming the author, the commenters should perhaps think about possible considerations the author might have for asking such a question.