SimplyGo Will Not Replace Traditional EZ-link Cards, Said Gov in 2019

The compulsory move to SimplyGo has angered many Singaporeans. Less than a week ago, the LTA announced that non-SimplyGo transport cards will no longer be accepted from June 2024. People are unhappy for being forced to move to the app, which had problems right after the announcement. There was also a lot of displeasure that SimplyGo does not display the fare of each trip.

Oddly enough, the government once announced that SimplyGo will not be made compulsory. In 2019, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Transport Baey Yam Keng said the purpose of the app was to make our experience more convenient and not replace traditional EZ-Link cards.

“It is not replacing existing payment methods such as ez-link cards, but rather, providing commuters with a choice of payment modes.”

From MSM’s interview with Baey Yam Keng (2019)

So what is with the flip-flop now? While Singapore must move with the times, the government should at least ensure the app works first. It should consult commuters on potential areas of improvement e.g. adding a fare display feature, before rushing to implement it nation-wide.

If anything, the app has only proven to be a lousy piece of sh*t. It cannot handle high traffic and does not provide commuters with basic fare information. With no improvements whatsoever, how do they expect Singaporeans to be ok with using it everyday?

Up till today, complaints are still pouring in. The mainstream media tried to defend the government’s move, but their effort has been futile. LTA clearly miscalculated this.

Singaporeans may have experienced many flip-flops by the government, but it does not mean we should continue to accept it – not when it is counterproductive and only makes our lives more inconvenient.