Public Transport Fares

Public Transport Fares Have No Reason To Increase!

By Sarita — Recently, the transport minister proposed a review of the fare formula. He said that this will be the best way to cost-share our public transport. However, there is really no good reason for the fares to increase. Hear me out.

Public Transport Should Be A Public Good

It is a part of ensuring that Singapore is well connected. This means that transport should be affordable, for everyone from all walks of life.

They are even planning to increase our GST, they could channel that additional income to fund our buses and trains.

Private Companies Shouldn’t Be Thinking About Cost-Sharing

It is a fact that our public transport is privately owned, and hence the previous point may not hold. However if it is a private company, cost sharing should not be a justification in that sense.

The continuous fare increase without any improvement. The constant breakdowns. Now they want to find excuses to increase transport fares again?