Lee Hsien Yang on Voting Age

Lee Hsien Yang: Singaporeans Should Be Allowed To Vote At 18!

By Zen — On September 6, Lee Hsien Yang made a Facebook post on the necessity of lowering the voting age in Singapore. At this time, only Singaporeans who are older than 21 are eligible to vote. Lee Hsien Yang thinks that it should be lowered to 18.

There are many things that 18-year-olds are trusted to do in Singapore, why not let them vote?

“18 year old Singaporeans can bear arms, fight and die for their country, they have contractual capacity and accountability, they have criminal accountability, they are considered responsible enough to drive, have sex, drink alcohol. Why deny our young men and women the right to vote? A right to have a say in their own future and the future of their country?”

Lee Hsien Yang

He made very good points, naming everything that younger Singaporeans are trusted to do here. These people are expected to give their lives to protect Singapore. So why is it PAP cannot trust them to decide which leader they want to fight under?

Is the PAP afraid that the new generation will vote against them?  

After all, they are not as attuned with the younger generation. The PAP only recently started trying to keep up with social media platforms (all the ministers suddenly using TikTok). Yet it is obvious that they still have no idea what younger people really want, beyond the occasional social media posts that they make.

If they are so afraid, they should do something about it to better cater to the younger generation instead of relying on their old ways! They can no longer try to keep everyone quiet and hope that people will just blindly follow!

See Lee Hsien Yang’s Facebook post here.