Public Transport Fares

Public Transport Fare Review – Another Excuse To Increase Fares?

By LM — Amidst the new announcement by the Public Transport Council (PTC) to review bus and train fares, the public reaction is outwardly furious.

On 15th August, the government shared an overview of the price review, which they say is to account for commuters’ affordability and changing inflation rates. However, people are expressing their dissatisfaction with the Review Policy, hypothesizing that it is another hoax by the government to increase the fares.

Increased fares don’t translate to better service.

Despite the continuous fare price hikes multiple times over just 2 years, Singaporeans have observed that the service quality provided by the public transport system has not improved. In fact, it is declining, and the people are paying more for mediocre services.

Moreover, the government already increased the fares once in December 2021. At that time, they said that it is to compensate for the reduced commuters during COVID. But, with the crowds picking up as the restrictions are lifted, the government is not willing to translate that into a fare decrease!

Public transport should be for the public!

The concept of “Public Transport” should be to keep the fares affordable to enhance local mobility. However, the government today seems to be doing the total opposite.

What will the “new formula” include? Or, what new excuse will the government use to justify its price hikes?