IBs Anyhow Paint Lee Hsien Yang As The Scapegoat In Oxley Road Drama

[Contributed by Lim] Over the weekend I came across this article on Reddit written by a typical IB who just find fault in all opposition members regardless of the subject matter. The article tried to blame Lee Hsien Yang as “privileged” and “immature” to discredit all that he has done.

The opinion piece says Lee Hsien Yang is a symbol of privilege, that is not a good reason to dismiss his views.

While it is true that Lee Hsien Yang comes from a privileged background, this fact alone does not discredit his opinions or actions. It is unfair to dismiss someone’s views simply because of their upbringing or social status. Additionally, Lee Hsien Yang has also faced personal and professional challenges, such as his recent dispute with his brother over their family home, which suggest that his life has not been entirely privileged.

Moreover, it is premature to assume that their departure is an attempt to evade accountability, as they may still cooperate with the investigation remotely.

The author argues that Lee Hsien Yang’s departure shows a lack of commitment to resolving family disputes in a responsible manner. However, it is important to acknowledge that family disputes can be emotionally and mentally taxing, and sometimes, individuals need to take a step back to ensure their own well-being. Furthermore, the Oxley Road saga has been ongoing for several years, and it is unlikely that Lee Hsien Yang’s presence in Singapore would have expedited the resolution process.

Lee Hsien Yang’s actions were not what caused the drama.

The author suggests that Lee Hsien Yang’s actions have brought Singapore’s reputation into question and caused unnecessary drama. However, it is important to recognize that the media and public attention on the Oxley Road saga has been driven by a range of factors, including public interest in the Lee family, Singapore’s political landscape, and the role of historical landmarks. It is unfair to attribute the entire media coverage or public spectacle to Lee Hsien Yang’s actions alone.

In fact, if Lee Hsien Loong respected Lee Kuan Yew’s wishes to demolish Oxley Road, this wouldn’t have been a drama in the first place! Who is causing the drama now?

Overall, the article presents several arguments against Lee Hsien Yang that are unsupported or based on incomplete information.

While it is important to scrutinize individuals in positions of power, it is equally important to do so in a fair and balanced manner. These IBs like to blindly criticize without being objective when it comes to criticizing the people they support.