Jamus Lim: High taxes strip our salaries into a skeletal tulang, is it fair?

Lawrence Wong gave his valentines day present to Singaporeans on 14 Feb. The present included some money for those who are planning to have children, but also increased taxes for many citizens. In response, Jamus Lim wrote a number of tweets describing very accurately the emotions of most Singaporeans.

Jamus Lim is right on point. Only the middle class in Singapore still feels “aggrieved and embattled” despite having a lower tax burden compared to other countries. Compare us to the middle class countrymen elsewhere, we are definitely more stressed and overworked.

Like what he said, Singaporeans enjoy a high quality of public service. Unfortunately, they also pay for it in various ways, such as through fees and charges that can feel stacked against the less fortunate and the middle class.