People's Alliance

Can We Trust The People’s Alliance When There’s No PSP or WP?

One of our readers sent us his thoughts on the new People’s Alliance

[Contributed by Jay] Over the weekend, there has been much ado about our opposition parties in Singapore. From the news about Daniel Goh being forced to quit Workers’ Party, to the new opposition alliance formed, “People’s Alliance”. I have some doubts about them.

The People’s Alliance is the right direction.

We do need a united opposition to bring down a party like PAP, so yes the People’s Alliance is the right step to take. Comprised of the Peoples Voice, Reform Party, People’s Power Party, and Democratic Progressive Party, this alliance presents a unique opportunity for opposition parties to pool their resources, talents, and ideas. By consolidating their strengths, these parties can present a more formidable challenge to the ruling party, amplifying their collective impact on policy-making and ensuring better representation for Singaporeans.

However, where are the big opposition parties like WP or PSP?

Is this People’s Alliance made of opposition party members rejected by PSP and WP, the two huge opposition parties? How can we trust that they are not rejects? I honestly don’t have much confidence in the parties within these alliance.

What the PSP and WP has that these parties haven’t showed, is that WP and PSP have proven that they really do care for the people. They listen to our issues, and are always there for us. On the other hand, it feels to me that those in the alliance are doing this for their own ego, fame, or personal grievances. They pick and choose issues that will get them more attention to fixate on. When it comes to day-to-day problems, I have only seen a lack of replies from them. Honestly, I trust the PSP and WP to help me more.

Also, People’s Alliance is not a very good name. The acronym PA overlaps with the PAP’s PA too much. They should come up with something that when googled wouldn’t show me PAP’s organizations.