Opposition MPs Are Doing A Much Better Job Than PAP MPs!

For what opposition parties have at their disposal, they are doing a very good job. Doesn’t mean that opposition estates are doing badly at all. Here is why.

Opposition MPs Are More Personable

Have you ever written an e-mail to PAP ministers or wards, or even government organizations? More often than not you will receive a template reply telling you that they will look into things, or asking you for more information. PAP basically wanted to appear more “professional” by standardizing their communication procedures, but this comes at the cost of humanity.

Source: Reddit

They have more to prove and so will do more to make your life better as long as it is within their power

In fact, many netters have good comments about how Workers’ Party has been managing their estates. The common theme is that they are very responsive, and they are always there to help. They also actually take feedback seriously.

Source: Reddit

In fact, a netter shared that her mom had a ceiling issue. Once Faisal Manap heard about it while on his walk, he asked his assistant to take down details, and within 1 week HDB went by to fix the issue. In the netter’s own estate, there is also a QR code placed in lifts where residents can give feedback. The netter shared that the feedback channel is useful, with personalized replies and actions taken.

Source: Reddit

Put this in comparison with some PAP wards where perhaps the MPs have gotten complacent.

From infestations to a lack of presence. Some PAP estates never actually get to see their MPs.

Source: Reddit

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