COVID Resilience Medal

COVID Resilience Award: Healthcare Workers From Pandemic Wards Forgotten

COVID Resilience Medals were recently given out to those who participated directly in Singapore’s fight against COVID-19. Some recipients were even selling their medals on Carousell (this was banned shortly after).

However, it seems like some healthcare workers who really deserve the medals were forgotten.

An open letter to Minister Ong Ye Kung and MOH was shared by @thehonesthealthcareworker. This heartfelt letter is written by healthcare workers who were allegedly serving in pandemic isolation wards.

According to the letter, these healthcare workers were not informed of the nomination, and were disappointed that their names were not in the list of awardees despite serving in the COVID wards from the beginning.

To add salt to their wounds, there are a number of senior doctors who did not serve in the pandemic wards that were also given this award.

“For all we’ve done, we deserve to be remembered.”

It doesn’t even serve its purpose of commemorating the hard work of those who directly contributed. Undeserving people should not even have been considered too!

Read their open letter here: