No Strategies to Combat Price Hikes, Only Constant Warnings to Expect It

Price hikes after hikes. All the government does is remind Singaporeans of price hikes. Zero strategies to overcome it and help the sandwiched class.

Price hikes after hikes. Last week, Singaporeans were told to expect food prices to increase sharply next year. On the same day, public transport fare increases were announced. Not to mention, the extremely bad timing of all these price hikes during the pandemic when people lost their jobs or pay got frozen.

Days before, we saw news of record COE prices (this will have serious trickle down effects), news on GST on all imported goods from 2023, the weekly tradition of seeing which resale flat can shatter the previous million dollar record, electricity retailers suddenly close shop, now paying 30% more for electricity. Not to forget increase in carbon tax next year (another trickle down effect on consumers) and GST 9% by 2025.

Is this all the government can do? To repeatedly preempt Singaporeans on price hikes? Where are policy proposals or strategies to help the sandwiched class? Or the only strategy they have is to increase GST to 9% so that they can help the poor even more? That’s all?

What about taxi drivers who have to grapple with recording breaking petrol prices after the fuel tax hike? What about the sandwiched class who do not qualify for any schemes?

Meanwhile many big bosses and business owners got super rich thanks to the JSS that they don’t need. Rolling in with their new Tesla, Mercs and other exciting cars. No wonder COE keeps going up.

GST voucher is supposed to help but how many groceries trips can $200 last?

To make things more depressing, ministers will probably receive record bonuses because their salary is determined by GDP and we will see GDP growth of 5-6%?

Why can’t we reduce the salary of ministers and MPs? Reduce the number of mayors? Restructure civil service to reduce costs instead?

Frustrated Singaporean