Ramly Burger

Ramly Burger Stall Charges “Chinese Price”?!

In a Reddit post, u/WorriedOstrich6819 shared that they will no longer be buying Ramly burgers in Singapore simply because of the differential treatment they received as a Chinese. This occurred at a Pasar Malam outside of Tampines MRT, and the store did not have a price list.

When the u/WorriedOstrich6819 asked for a double beef burger, the stall owner quoted $8. This differed from the week before when the same stall only charged $6. So on the same day, u/WorriedOstrich6819 decided to ask a Malay friend to ask for price, and low and behold he was quoted $6.

“So i got the chinese price. It wasn’t some sudden price increase. It was simply because I wasn’t malay.”


Has anyone else experienced the same? Share in the comments below.