LTA Posts Tone-Deaf Video Amid SimplyGo Outcry

Instead of addressing unhappiness about its failed SimplyGo system, LTA posted an irrelevant video yesterday on its social media accounts for the public to “get to know us better”.

The 39-second video featured two LTA staff introducing “fun facts” about working at LTA as they walked around the LTA compound.

In the wake of ongoing frustration with LTA, this video seems anti-climatic and unnecessary. People are expecting a “we hear you” kind of video but what they got was a “hey look at us” video.

Far from softening hearts and appealing to the public’s understanding, such a pointless video would only annoy commuters more.

True enough, Singaporeans on LTA’s social media accounts bashed LTA for being tone-deaf.

The backlash is to be expected as commuters’ concerns have not been properly addressed until now. Doing this only makes LTA look like they are trying to divert attention away from SimplyGo which is the pressing issue on commuters’ mind now.

Is LTA going to do anything about public feedback? People are more interested in this than getting to know them better. This PR move has obviously turned into a flop. LTA needs to stop evading this issue and forcing people to use a lousy system.