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NUS Graduate Students Society Helmed By South Asians

Our reader observed that majority of NUS Graduate Society’s management team are South Asians. In fact, all of them don’t seem to be locals.

[Contributed by Chandra] For the past few years, conversations about CECA has always led to questions about their impact on our job security. There have also been concerns about undeserving South Asians with fake certificates and qualifications coming to work. In that time, we forgot to look at our own educational institutions. We missed the numerous students who come to NUS, NTU, or SMU to get a post-graduate degree as a step up from their South Asian degrees.

NUS Graduate Society’s Management Team comprises of mostly South Asians

In fact all of them don’t seem to be locals. How did we allow our NUS Graduate society to get to this state?

How do they decide on the exco?

The society accepted applications for the exco back in July. However, candidates are “shortlisted”, likely by existing exco members. Doesn’t this sound exactly like what people have been saying about how the South Asians like to bring their entire village here?

If not, are our graduate students mostly of one particular demographic? NUS either needs to investigate this or their student intake methods! How is it possible that the entire postgraduate cohort doesn’t have any non-South-Asians?

This is the National University of Singapore. Not the National University of SouthAsia.

Here is the rest of their executive committee members.

Editor’s note A reader alerted us that the above is NUS Graduate Society’s 36th exco which led the society until August 2022. Currently, they have a new exco (37th exco) which includes other races.