Task Force Complained about Clarke Quay Overcrowding. Why Didn’t They Stop it?

Here is what the multi-ministry task force has to say about the New Year’s Eve overcrowding at Clarke Quay. They said it was a “blatant breach” of safe distancing measures and “is a potential superspreading event”.

DUH. They only know how to say the obvious but do not know how to take action.

Where were the safe distancing ambassadors when the gathering happened? Why were there not enough police officers? Why did they not make the crowd disperse? Why did nobody plan for more enforcement during New Year’s Eve?

They always fail to think ahead and make the necessary arrangements, then complain that Singaporeans never listen.

Now they say that they are “looking into the matter”. Are they going to use our tracetogether data for investigations again? What is the use of TT or safe distancing ambassadors if they cannot enforce safe management measures?

Ministers and MPs must answer Singaporeans. If they also cannot do their job properly, what for we pay them 5-figure sum monthly?