An Army General Is Now In Charge of Pre-Schools. How Will Our Children Turn Out?

The first inspector-general of the SAF will be parachuted into the early childhood sector to oversee our pre-schools. 47-year-old Tan Chee Wee achieved many things in the military, but how is this relevant to running kindergartens?

A big shot from the Social and Family Development actually said: “Mr Tan’s extensive leadership and operational experience in Mindef and the SAF positions him well to lead ECDA to partner the pre-school community in the transition towards Covid-19 resilience.”

What a joke. He does not even have an early childhood qualification! Pre-school teachers study hard to get degrees and even with many years of teaching experience, cannot dream of having his position. What makes the government think a paper general is more qualified than them? Why not promote someone capable in the early childhood development agency? Is it because he/she is not a scholar?

Singaporeans had enough. Stop parachuting army generals into irrelevant sectors. They are clearly not qualified or deserving of their fat salaries. They will never have the humility to learn the trade and listen to other people.

This is about educating our young, not educating the army. Are our kids going to have to fall in next time and learn how to march?