Prabu Ramachandran Makes Fun Of People With Special Needs

A netter wrote in to us to express his anger with People’s Voice (PV) party’s Prabu Ramachandran. Prabu allegedly harassed his friends who are both autistic. He publicly shamed them and called them “intellectually impaired”, “despicable morons”, and “dysfunctional”.

Dear Editor,

Appended is a public Facebook post, harassing my twin brother friends, Mr Laurence and Duncan Wong who are both Autistic.

Facebook post and comments from Prabu Ramachandran

I am very disgusted by the actions of the Opposition People’s Noise party member, Prabu Ramachandran who lost his electoral deposit and is out on a vengeful path after being resoundingly rejected by the electorate.

He frequently uses his public Facebook to attack people whom his party or he doesn’t like. But going a step further to attack special needs orphaned adult is beyond reproach. I hope fellow Singaporeans will continue reject such gutter candidacy!

We need to find justice for the helpless brothers in line with public expectations and morality towards weaker members of our society.

Yours faithfully,

Some context about what happened

When asked for clarifications, Chan told us that this started because of a dispute that happened at his restaurant, CapitaSpring’s Char.B Cha Chan Teng. This is where PV held an event for their women’s wing. The store owner, Anthony, accepted a $50 deposit before leaving to work at his second branch at Beauty World.

The amount of cash collected amounted to about $248. However, according to Chan, eyewitnesses acknowledged that this amount is too little for what they ate.

Daniel de Costa, who was present at the event, was there to witness the tabulation of this money. At that time, Puvanna (Prabu’s cousin) allegedly told him that she will collect the money and pass it to Anthony at Beauty World the next day.

Screenshot from CCTV at Char.B

However, Puvanna did not reveal that the money was with her when she met Anthony the next day.

“She did not reveal that the money was with her even though we met the next day. When confronted, she reacted with fury and twisted the truth.”

Management of Char.B

Chan thinks that Prabu wanted to defame the twin brothers because they are friends of Char.B‘s store owner. Prabu also made similar posts accusing Daniel De Costa of defamation after Daniel testified against his cousin.

“Dispute arouse due to Daniel testifying against one Puvana (Prabu’s cousin) for criminal misappropriation of monies and other stuffs owed to an elderly stall holder, which only $180 out of a sum of $238 was returned. Hence, they are on the disparaging road and character assassination against the witness to sway his testimony, not knowing that the truth will be out eventually.”


The store owners have since filed a police report, and the police were seen at the store.

Source: John Lee

Even after police were involved, Prabu continued to make posts about how “John Lee” who shared the above photo is Daniel De Costa.

Regardless of what happened, he shouldn’t make fun of people’s special needs.

Labeling them “despicable morons” and “dysfunctional” is uncalled for!

Low Thia Khiang visits Char.B on 4 July 2022. Source: CharB Facebook

Capita Spring: 88 Market Street, #03-08, S(048948)
Beauty World Food Centre: 144 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #04-63, S(588177)

Updates: Char.B’s public statement

Dear Patrons and Friends,

It is brought to our attention, a circulating post from social media page “Kuanyewism”, regarding the disputes our eatery has with individual members of “peoples voice” party (PV). We thank Kuanyewism for highlighting the matter when certain political thugs abused their positions as Admins and Moderators in FB groups to prevent the truth from surfacing.

We would hereby, like to debunk their erroneous claims and pretence. The root of the dispute emerged when a candidate of PV masterminded a business agreement between some of his party members and our eatery. That agreement is unenforceable, due to the fact it was concluded with the wrong party. From henceforth, those members of his party have been constantly harassing the eatery and friends who are protecting our brand.

While other members of the party did pay for their meals during their women’s wing launch on 15 Jun 22 which is not sanctioned by us, the brothers who are the subject of heckling by a PV candidate who lost his election deposit, were under the impression the meals are unpaid for as investigations into the misappropriation of monies and properties by 1 of their volunteers have yet to be concluded by police. The elderly stall holder is currently seeking help from her MP to resolve this and the incident report as requested by Michael fang is in the possession of 6 individuals.

The volunteer who will be assisting with police investigations has repeatedly threatened us with lawsuits if we reveal CCTV footages but we are obligated to do so in the event the debacle has gone public. We are in addition, keeping tabs on her multiple legal disputes with other parties. The PV candidate who lost his electoral deposit (the volunteer’s relative) would take leftovers from our store and pass it off to unsuspecting recipients as if it was purchased by him when it is in actual fact, part of our own charity drive in giving back to society.

We remain disgusted by their tactics of heckling special needs persons whom society should really protect and their double standards of doxing others while intimidating those who reveal the truth.

As such, we will not be further communicating with the PV members and will not hesitate to contact the authorities should they harass our eatery or spam text messages to management and staff again. Names calling, public shaming and inciting does not make for constructive politics and should thus, not be condoned by anyone. We hope the PV candidates will reflect on their own conduct and take responsibility for the shortcomings.

We are politically neutral and non-aligned and do not interfere with the private lives of our staff after working hours. We would also like to alert members of the public of a fake Facebook page “chat b capitaspring”, which is run by members of PV.

We stand for the values of Good Food, Drinks and Service and look forward to your continued support!

The Management of CharB

Source: CharB Facebook