Task Force Says “Responsibility Now On Singaporeans” After Failing to Manage Covid-19

We have around 1000 Covid-19 cases everyday and yet the task force is saying that “responsibility has now shifted away from the state and towards the individual“. That means it is now on us to prevent transmissions by self-isolating and self-testing.

Why does it sound like the task force is pushing the responsibility to us after failing to keep Covid-19 under control? It is clear to everyone that they have failed. So did MOH.

Many people are complaining about MOH’s incompetency. Those who tested positive or had family members test positive are angry that MOH left them in the lurch without instructions. There is a serious lack of communication – some waited very long for a SMS; some did not get anything at all. There were no calls, no instructions, no follow-up. One person still did not hear from MOH 10 days after he tested positive.

Some cannot even test themselves as MOH did not send them ART kits. Others were pissed off because there was no sound from them at all.

Is this the task force’s plan for an endemic Singapore? They clearly screwed up. They brought us to 1000 daily cases and then “shifted” the responsibility to us, all the while sitting in their ivory towers and drawing salaries they do not deserve. We do not need leaders who are literate but cannot solve problems. How are they going to fix this now and how long more do we have to pay the price?