Gan Kim Yong Tells Us To Save Electricity So Our Bills Will Not Go Up

From this month onwards, the government will raise electricity tariffs even though we are in the middle of a pandemic. Long-time minister Gan Kim Yong has the cheek to tell us that if we want to save costs, we should use electricity “prudently”.

He said that electricity bills have gone up because of the rise in fuel prices. However, he also mentioned that fuel prices have been low for some time. Why is it that our bills never drop when oil prices were low?

His solution to the price hike is not for the government to offset the costs, but for us to use electricity “prudently”. How does he expect us to save when we are spending most of our days working from home or doing home-based learning? As someone who is in the multi-ministerial task force, shouldn’t he know better?

If the MMTF did not screw up, we will not have 3000 cases everyday and be forced to work from home.

It is bad enough that many families are struggling financially due to Covid-19. It is worst that the government chose to increase electricity tariffs at this time instead of extending help. They never had to go through what we did and have no right to tell us to save money. Stop telling us what to do and start doing your job properly!