My Siblings are Healthcare Workers and They Can’t Take It Anymore

As someone who has 2 siblings working on the frontlines, it absolutely tears me apart to see them go through an endless cycle of wake up, go work, go home, sleep. They’re drained. They don’t do anything outside for work aside from doing the bare minimum to survive.

Every other day they come home crying, they mentioned that as much as they want to quit, they can’t because of how understaffed they are. Talk to a nurse or doctor, they’ll tell you the same thing.

It’s ridiculous that MOH still refuses to publicly address how strained the healthcare system currently is. What’s even more absurd is how they had so much time to prep for a worst case scenario but still failed to do anything. At all. They had months. And all they did was twiddle their thumbs and relied entirely on the vaccine when they know vaccines won’t stop the transmission, it simply makes it more manageable if you end up getting infected.

It’s so frustrating and disappointing. I don’t even know what to expect over the next few months already because they’ve set the bar so low. For a country that prides itself for always being one step ahead they’ve clearly gotten far too complacent and tripped over themselves.

I understand the situation is far worse in other countries. But you can’t really blame us for being pissed off with all the empty promises the government has been forcing down our throats over the past year.

I will say that Singapore’s initial response to the pandemic was good. Everything that followed thereafter was shit and poorly thought out.

For anyone wondering why my siblings won’t quit, they just want to help. They went into healthcare to help people, and leaving in the middle of this shitshow would weigh even more on their conscience. That and one of them is a nurse, meaning even if they did quit they’d still be stuck taking on another nursing job.

They’d rather work themselves to the bone than leave with the guilt of knowing they’ve abandoned people in need. My siblings are in healthcare because they genuinely want to help people. Before the whole pandemic they’d volunteer to go on non-profit overseas missions and what not to help people through things like Operation Smile. They’re free to resign, they just choose not to because the system desperately needs them.

Healthcare workers are crying out for the restrictions to stay in place because they simply can’t keep up thanks to the gov going off into some corner to lepak all day.

They don’t even bother to compensate all the healthcare workers with better pay or something, deadass giving dumb tiny little consolation prizes like vouchers and expecting healthcare workers to continue selling their soul to help the country.

MOH’s inaction has led to where we are right now.

They put all their eggs in one basket. Every single last one of them. They were banking entirely on herd immunity and the vaccine, allowing shit to hit the fan at mach speed.

They didn’t take into account that old people and immunocompromised individuals will still get seriously ill regardless of herd immunity and vaccination status.

They didn’t take into account that our healthcare system is unable to keep up if the cases kept coming.

They failed to understand that regardless of how much they expand covid treatment facilities etc., there isn’t enough manpower to keep it running.

MOH is utterly useless and incompetent.

Frustrated Singaporean