Hello PAP, Coffee Shop Uncles & Aunties Got No Time for Your Rules

PAP likes to introduce new rules. Now they are saying that unvaccinated people cannot dine in anymore. With this new rule, they expect coffee shop uncles and aunties to check if every single customer is vaccinated before allowing them to enter. What makes them think they have so much time?

Uncles and aunties have businesses to run. Covid-19 caused their sales to drop and if they have time, they will use it to earn more money. Not check for people’s vaccination status!

Minister Grace Fu, who is the Minister for Sustainability and Environment, also said that they must allocate a space within the coffee shop, preferably near a drinks stall, to check vaccination statuses. Drinks stalls are usually at a corner and sometimes near the toilet. How is it a suitable checkpoint? Has she been to a coffee shop?

She even expects stall owners to remind unvaccinated diners about the new measures. All this should be the job of Safe Distancing Ambassadors. Not uncles and aunties who are busy enough earning a living!

If the government wants to enforce a new rule, they must provide the manpower. Stop pushing the responsibility to stall owners!

The new measures are difficult and troublesome. PAP only knows how to come up with new rules but never think about how they will be implemented. Now they even expect us to do their work for them. They will never understand how we feel. How can we trust them to do a good job?