WP Pritam Sylvia Faisal Jamus Lim

Jamus Lim Should Take Charge Of Workers’ Party!

By Chong LS — The way WP leaders Pritam Singh, Sylvia Lim, and Faisal Manap dealt with Raeesah Khan is beyond disappointing. I have been a loyal WP voter since Low Thia Khiang days, and I believe that WP is better than this. I feel that it is time for new leadership before the next GE. Jamus Lim should be the one who takes over.

How could they hide such important things from other WP CEC members?

The three of them did not tell other WP Central Executive Committee (CEC) members the full truth. Is this how an executive committee works? The three leaders knew the truth, did they not think it was necessary to let other CEC members know? Such as Jamus Lim, He Ting Ru, etc.? Especially since they are in her ward, and these are elected MPs as well?

If CEC is informed, WP can present a united front when dealing with the issue. In fact, the rest could have ideas on how to deal with the matter as well.

I think Jamus Lim should take over.

He is eloquent, he is level headed, and I believe that he would deal with this in a better way.

-A very disappointed WP supporter.