Kopitiam Card Technology

We Must Not Forget The Elderly When Implementing New Technology

By Sarita — The physical Kopitiam cards, which have been widely used by Singaporeans for many years, will be discontinued from June 30, 2023. Therefore, to avail 10% discount on meals, the customer will have to use the FairPrice app only. However, this app requires access to mobile phones, internet and ability to handle technology. This indeed is raising concerns with elderly people who do not have access to all of it.

Our strive towards technological advancements has left the elderly behind.

Many new devices and software are designed with the needs and preferences of younger generations in mind. Adopting new technologies can be a challenging experience for older adults due to several unique barriers they face. These barriers include physical difficulties in using technology. For example, health conditions like Parkinson’s make it hard to operate new devices.

In general, touch screens can be difficult for seniors to use due to reduced dexterity, visual or cognitive impairments. It can be difficult to accurately and effectively interact with them. Additionally, many devices and apps require the use of passwords and usernames. These can be difficult for them to remember, particularly those with memory or cognitive issues. The many features in each app can be overwhelming and confusing, making it difficult for older adults to complete even basic tasks.

Furthermore, many older adults may also lack access to resources and training that could help them overcome these barriers. It’s important for technology designers and developers to take the needs and abilities of older adults into account when creating new products. The society also need to ensure that older adults have access to the resources and training that they need to stay connected.

Thus, we cannot afford to ignore their challenges in order to appear technologically advanced nation.

In such situations, we can make use of old methods, like printed CDC vouchers, so that everyone can benefit from it. We can also integrate both old and new methods, there is no harm in still accepting physical cards while moving to apps.

Think about elders too, before they start suffering from your decisions.