Don’t Yell at Me! The New BBT in Town

Don’t Yell at Me is a new bubble tea shop at Orchard Central. The shop was originally started by Taiwanese singer Yako Chan. The name reflects the daily grind of society and perfectly resonates with all of us sian Singaporeans.

Their top 5 drinks are: winter melon chrysanthemum tea, cherry blossom and lychee sparkling water, osmanthus oolong tea, osmanthus au lait, and the grapefruit and lychee tea. They offer interesting toppings like coconut jelly and sweet potato taro pearls.

The best part is, there is no artificial syrup so you do not have to feel guilty about drinking bubble tea! Don’t Yell at Me is located at #02-24 Orchard Central. Visit now while the queue is shorter!