Who are the Top 10 Idiots of 2021?

As 2021 comes to a close, let us round up the top 10 idiots/idiotic moments of the year. They are not ranked in order since they are all stupid. Do you remember them?

1. Raeesah Khan

This is the most recent idiot who lied and resigned from the Workers’ Party. Any idiot will not lie in parliament as there will surely be consequences. She even dragged down other WP leaders like Pritam Singh and Sylvia Lim.

2. Badge woman

Everyone will remember her. “You have no badge, who are you representing?” The ex-navy commanding officer was later caught many times for not wearing a mask. Have you seen her around?

3. Ralph Wee aka Rhinoceros boy

The teenager was caught for trespassing into a rhinoceros enclosure. He also tortured a frog, damaged a few cars, vandalized public property and took drugs. Who is he if not an idiot?

4. NOC’s Sylvia Chan

In a nutshell, she was exposed for allegedly mistreating her employees. The saga grew into a circus of sexual allegations. Sylvia gave her side of the story in an interview with Xiaxue but do people believe her? Does it mean that what she did was acceptable?

5. KTV cluster tikopeks

Singapore was recovering from Covid-19 when the KTV cluster exploded out of nowhere. The virus spread like wild fire because of tikopeks who went about illegal activities with KTV hostesses. Thanks to their wild passion, Singapore went from Phase 3 back to Phase 2. Wonder what happened to them after their wives found out!

6. Umbrage Ng Yat Chung

The SPH CEO was the talk of the town when he told off a reporter: “The fact that you dare question the SPH… I take umbrage in that comment”. Unfortunately for him, many people took umbrage with his arrogant attitude. They made him into memes like he was the new clown.

7. Benjamin Glynn

Sovereign of the year goes to Benjamin Glynn, a British foreign talent who refused to wear a mask in Singapore. You come here, you follow our rules. If you do not want to do that then go back lah!

8. Healing the Divide founder

The founder of Healing the Divide, Iris Koh, apologized for asking her anti-vaxxer followers to flood hotlines meant for Covid-19 home recovery patients. It is her problem if she rejects the vaccine but a different matter to disrupt our essential services. What a selfish and stupid thing to do.

9. Vivian Balakrishnan

Super elite Vivian Balakrishnan mocked PSP’s Leong Mun Wai for being “illiterate” and called RI a “lousy school”. He was also flamed for not coming clean that our TraceTogether data can be used for police investigations. This is a man who does not know when to talk and when to keep quiet. What an idiot.

10. Multi-Ministerial Task Force

Words cannot describe the task force’s flip flops, twists and turns over the years. The MTF confused and angered us many times with their ever-changing rules. Can eat out or not? How many friends can we meet? I thought endemic already? When are they going to bring us out of Covid-19? Do you think they will learn from their mistakes and do a better job with Omicron?

2021 remains plagued by Covid-19 and idiots. Who do you think is the biggest idiot? Is there anyone else worth mentioning?