GE2020 Candidate Blamed Emergency Services for Being Slow to Save SCDF Officer

Do you remember this man? He is Cheang Peng Wah, a former GE2020 independent candidate who contested in Pioneer SMC. He only got 2% of votes. This guy made a Facebook post casting distrust on Singapore’s emergency rescue efforts. He talked about the death of SCDF officer Kenneth Tay Xue Qin, who lost his life while firefighting.

Finding fault with Singapore’s emergency services

Firstly, Cheang found fault with the SCDF for taking too long to reach the scene of the fire. Secondly, he seemed to take issue with the amount of time they took to send CPT Tay to a hospital. He even doubted the sincerity of the SCDF’s post in commemorating the late CPT Kenneth Tay.

This is what he said:

“Post-death, SCDF put up this ‘heartwarming’ proclamation, ‘SCDF officers, like CPT Tay, put their lives on the line each time they enter the scene of a fire, in order to save lives’.

Just ONE question: As we value our lives as much as others, why 1 of the 2 rescue helicopters standby at Sembawang Air Base was not activated to save one of our very own Singaporean’s life?

Maybe ONE more: As worldclass port with excellent services, couldn’t the firefighting troops arrive at the scene much earlier, equipped with worldclass firefighting machines?”

His post was insensitive especially when firefighters and rescue teams risked their lives and tried their best. It was an unfortunate incident that nobody wished to happen. Furthermore, many are mourning the loss of a fallen hero. It is distasteful for Cheang to want to ride on someone’s misfortune to cast distrust on Singapore’s emergency services. This is not the time for a post like his.

We extend our condolences to CPT Kenneth Tay’s family and friends. He was a true hero. May he rest in peace.